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ascendant_demon's Journal

5 June 1987
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all-girl summer fun band, anne rice, anti-making videogames into movies, aqua teen hunger force, art, barenaked ladies, batman, being pretentious, bill maher, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, cats, christopher titus, claire celeste haider, computer animation, computers, conan o'brien, console gaming, conspiracy theorists, copic markers, creative writing, cuddling, dandy warhols, daria, demonology 101, depeche mode, dootdoot*pause*dootdoot, douglas adams, duct tape, dyed hair, ellen degeneres, emu, eric rosloff, eve 6, fantasy, fight club, fire, firefly, foo fighters, foxes, funny words, geeks, girls, graphic novels, green day, hacking, home taping, homestar runner, incubus, india ink, internet, jack johnson, joan of arcadia, johnny cash, joss whedon, kaki king, katamari damacy, kids in the hall, kwegebo, last emperor, laziness, learning, life, linguiphiles, llama, loserificyness, mage the ascension, magic, magic: the gathering, making up words, men in hats, mf doom, mmorpg's, mst3k, mtv's downtown, music, musicals, mylo, neil gaiman, nerds, nights: into dreams, nirvana, not tracing, ocelot, omniscience, orson scott card, pacifism, panthers, penny arcade, phantasy star, philosophy, pirates, q and not u, queen, questionable content, r.e.m., radiohead, reading, real life, rebecca leigh, red hot chili peppers, reggieandthefulleffect, return to sender, robots, roleplaying, sandman, scary go round, sci-fi, scrubs, seattle, serenity, serval, sifl and olly, smashing pumpkins, star wars, supermarket, swords, the amazing joy buzzards, the black eyes, the boondocks, the distillers, the fifth element, the get up kids, the pixies, the shape of guitars, the violent femmes, thrift stores, tool, unitarian universalism, upright citizens brigade, uu, vagrant story, veronica mars, video games, warhammer 40000, water color paints, web comics, weezer, wheatus, wigu, wink, womens clothing, zombies